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Roof Repair San Diego

Richardson Roofing has been fixing roofs in San Diego for a very long time. We prefer the ‘take everything apart and put it back together right’ approach. It just makes better sense. Putting band-aids over band-aids does not work very well. It’s best to do it right and fix the problem the first time!

San Diego Roof Repair - Richardson Roofing
This is a typical roof leak repair for us. We pull up the tile, clean and smooth the surface of the roof, install new 40# felt underlayment with the side laps set in mastic, pressed out, and nailed tight to the surface of the roof. Then a thin layer of mastic is smoothed over the nail heads. After that the tile is reinstalled. What ever caused the roof leak in the first place is corrected so that it does not happen again. It’s a very thorough repair, and it will outlast the rest of the roof.

We’re ready to help you save money today. We are reasonably priced. If it’s feasible to repair your roof instead of putting on a new one, well that just makes good sense. We will help you make an informed decision.

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