Roof Certification – San Diego

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Roof Certifications – $385*

A Roof Certification is a requirement for financing many real estate transactions. A home buyer is usually not aware of it until just before escrow is about to close. If you are the buyer, it is to your advantage to have a roof inspection conducted by a licensed roofing contractor around the same time as your home inspection. This will give you the time you need to negotiate the price of any repairs needed due to leaks or construction defects. In some cases when a new roof is needed, putting money into repairs would just be a waste of money.

Prior to issuing a roof certification,
1.) A roof inspection must be completed.
2.) If any roof repairs are called out in the roof inspection, they must be completed.

*Please note that the fee is higher for the following homes:
1.) Homes with roof slopes 7:12 and over is higher.
2.) Homes larger than 2,800 sq. ft.
3.) Buildings requiring the use of a 32′ ladder for access.

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